Monday, December 27, 2010

Shinzi goodness @ The Little Happyshop

All pictures from The Little Happyshop website

Retail therapy is a favourite mode of destressing by far and online shopping has made it even more irresistible when the craving for happiness via new possessions come a knocking. Aptly named, this local online store titled "The Little HappyShop" is the perfect avenue for some cutesome goodness when your pockets are aching to let loose some change.

Shinzi Katoh fans will no doubt be no stranger to this shop with its user friendly format and lovely presentation. Designed by founder -Ruth Tan, I must say I am quite impressed by how easy it is to navigate this whole site.

The Little Happyshop also managed to get Shinzi Katoh to make a rare appearance in early Dec while he was here on a leisure trip. To see the maestro himself in person felt a little surreal. The Q&A session hosted on the attic level of BOOKS ACTUALLY at Ann Siang Hill was simply divine. It felt as if I was back in Jiyugaoka at one of the many lovely zakka shops again.

Though it was a very short interview that lasted less than 30 minutes, the fervour of Shinzi Katoh's fans from as young as 5 years old must have been quite overwhelming for him as they snapped away furiously with handphone and digital cameras. I was happy to have bought for myself the Shinzo Katoh pin & mobile strap. I am so glad that Shinzi Katoh's dad recognised his gift for illustration and art. Should his dad have insisted him on pursuing a more lucrative career in finance or business, the zakka world would have been one artist poorer and a lot less happy souls around today.

Thank you for creating such wonderful illustrations to make our daily lives a little sweeter and thanks to The Little Happyshop for bringing a slice of happiness to ease the bitter moments in life.

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